The Friendly Garden Club
 of Traverse City, MI

Plant Michigan, Plant Native

Despite Covid-19, our club planted our Logo Garden at the Open Space, established a new "Our Giving Garden" located in the Community Gardens and started our latest project:


The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City, Michigan, has taken on the responsibility of building a garden enhancing a sensory experience for children of all ages to explore and experience meaningful connections with nature through the five senses.  Our garden will allow for educational activities that provide for sensory stimulation, development of physical, mental, emotional and social skills, will nurture the wonder in a child's imagination, and provide a safe place of enrichment and enjoyment for children of all ages.  This garden will provide a unique sensory experience for both young and old alike that currently does not exist in our community.  With your help we can make this garden a reality.  To learn more and to donate, click here!

Order & Pay by Dec. 4, 2020

If you need additional information, go to our Forms page on the website or just click on the "Order Form" button to place an order.

PRODUCE FROM "OUR GIVING GARDEN!"  This year we added a new project, "Our Giving Garden," located in the Community Gardens adjacent from The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park.  Due to Covid-19 all the food grown this year will be given to our local food bank to help those in need and will not involve children this year.  In the future we will have our members instruct and work with a small group of local children in the planting and harvesting.  Exciting times!  LET THE HARVESTING BEGIN!   More pics on our PHOTOS section.

200+ DAFFODILS PLANTED--On November 6, our Youth Gardening Committee planted over 200 daffodil bulbs to make "Our Giving Garden" beautiful this spring.  May 2021 be a happier and healthier year for all of us!

You can help our club with a donation from Amazon every time you use "" to place an order.  It's easy and simple to use.  Just click on this button and get started.

Due to Covid-19, we will have online meetings for our current members.   STAY SAFE EVERYONE



If you enjoy gardening or anything relating to horticulture, flower arranging, the environment and more, you may want to visit one of The Friendly Garden Club meetings or join us online!   This year our club is celebrating its 96th year since we were organized in 1923 with 35 members.  Currently, our club has 41 active volunteers that keep Traverse City beautiful, which is reflected in our annual projects such as the Garden Walk, geranium sale, and the planting of the Logo Garden at the "open space" by the Bay.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we had to cancel all of these events, except the planting of the Logo Garden.  Be sure to check out the "Photo" section of our website for more information and see all the awards our club has earned. 

All monies raised from our projects are totally given back to the community by way of grants and scholarships. If you are interested in learning more about us, our club holds monthly meetings from April through November, where we feature guest speakers, have hands-on projects, and field trips, all emphasizing horticultural tips and the love of gardening.  To attend any of our "OPEN" meetings or become a member, please send an email to our membership chairperson, Dorothy, who will give you all the information you need to become a member and join us online.  See what being a "FRIENDLY" is all about!  

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2020 District V, MGC, Regional, and NGC Awards 

Check out our NEW "Award" page on the NAV BAR to see all the awards The Friendly Garden Club received from the District V, Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc. & the National Garden Clubs, Inc. for 2020.